MRL Lift

Machine room less lifts do not have a fixed machine room on the top of the hoistway, instead the traction hoisting machine is installed either on the top side wall of the hoistway or on the bottom of the hoistway. Machine room-less lifts are designed so that most of the components fit within the shaft containing the lift car; and a small cabinet houses the lift controller.

Machine room less lift gathers together the excellent lift systems and the research fruits of the architectural adaptability. It adopts mature control technology and advanced design concepts that leads the trend with a combination of the superior performance permanent magnet synchronous motors and closed loop gearless drive system.

Less Space Less Energy More Flexibility

Machine Roomless Passenger lift Specification

  • Type
  • Traction Machine
    Permanent Magnet Gearless Machine
  • Roping
  • Control System
  • Rated Load (kg)
    450, 630, 800, 1000, 1150, 1250, 1350, 1600.
  • Rated Speed (m/s)
  • Max. Group Control
  • Max. Travel Height (m)