Goods / Freight Lift

We provide a complete range of freight lifts of different load carrying capacity. A freight lift in your building will make handling of goods easy & enhancing production.

We supply freight lifts with dust proof equipments as per our customers’ requirement.

Directly and indirectly, modern freight lifts make for efficient operation throughout the building. The results of properly planned freight lift installation show up in increased material handled volume and greater earning power.

Traction type with counterweight

  • This lift is a better machine design wise and also offers greater safety to the user. This is achieved first through the use of 3 or more independent wire ropes stretched across the main traction sheave. This has also heavy duty & high performance.
  • Sturdy and Durable Cabin is made with highly intensified shaped materials, able to carry various kinds of cargoes.
  • Accurate Leveling The accuracy of leveling can be controlled within a scope of a few millimeters.
  • Large Door Width Multiple folded cabin structure is employed to reach the max. width, which facilitates the entry of large cargos.