Lift & Elevator Modernisation


It has been observed that a lift or elevator once installed serves well for 15 years provided the same has been maintained and serviced well by expert technicians. As the lift ages the equipment becomes increasingly difficult to find for replacement, also the deterioration of ride performance. So, a complete overhaul of the lift may be suggested to the building owners. before ride quality.

Lift modernization by Levitar typically consists of replacement of controller equipment, electrical wiring and buttons, position indicators and direction arrows, hoist machines and motors (including door operators), and sometimes door hanger tracks depending upon the condition of the equipment. Levitar Lift Modernization can greatly improve operational reliability and ride quality of your lift by replacing motor-generator-based drive designs with Variable-Voltage, Variable Frequency(V3F) drives, providing almost seamless acceleration and deceleration. Passenger safety is also improved by updating systems and equipment.

We also have total lift & elevator renovation and/or lift upgradation  packages where your decades old, power hungry lift, running with obsolete systems is replaced with state of the art, modern, energy efficient lifts which are not only aesthetically better but also gives you a better riding comfort and safety of use.

Levitar has come up with versatile lift & elevator modernisation, renovation and upgradation packages to help you choose the equipments you want to modernize.


  • a) The button panels, cabin, doors are replaced to give your lift a complete facelift.
  • b) This doesn’t improve the performance or ride quality of your lift.


  • a) Controller unit, drive, machine, ropes and some other equipments are replaced/ installed to give you a glitch-free,silent never-before ride.


  • a) All the equipments are upgraded as per your requirement.
  • b) Levitar engineers may decide the feasibility of installation of certain equipments.


  • a) Total upgradation of lift equipments are done regardless of existing condition.
  • b) Levitar engineers may suggest to keep certain equipments if they seem to have enough life.