Passenger Lift

Lifts are the main transportation arteries in the modern buildings and are vital in determining a building’s economic success. We manufacture all types of passenger lifts of different capacity and speed. Our latest passenger lifts comprises of VVVF Close Loop Microprocessor Controller with sophisticated steel cage & latest electronic components for minimum and easy maintenance as well as low power consumption as per today’s need. We offer different type of cabins using material such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium etc. We provide latest version of Auto Door for cabin and landings etc.

Various options are available

  • Speed
    0.70 to 1.5 mps.
  • Capacity
    06 to 20 passenger
  • Car Finish
    Laminated Wooden Finish.
    Mild Steel Powder Coated Car.
    Stainless Steel Hair line Finish Car.
    Steel Designed & Steel hair line Finish Car.
  • Type of Doors
    Collapsible, Swing, Manual Telescopic.
    Central-Opening Auto, Telescopic Auto.
  • Doors Finish
    Mild Steel Powder Coated Auto Door.
    Stainless Steel Hair Line Finish Auto Door.
    Stainless Steel Designed Finish Auto Door.
    Titanium Gold Designed Finish Auto Door.
    Glass With Stainless Steel Framed Finish Auto Door.
  • Switch Panels Button
    Surface Micro Electro Button.
    Touch Button.
  • Switch Panels Display
    Seven Segment Digital LED Display.
    Digital Dot Matrix Display. LCD Display.


Stopping Accuracy: to within +/- 3mm
Stopping Accuracy : Levitar’s highly advanced control system along with VVVF drive results in outstanding stopping accuracy.

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