Lift / Elevator Manufacturing & Installation

Modern electric passenger lifts or elevators that included a safety brake came into being in the year 1874. In the event of excessive car speed or free fall, a speed governor uses a cable to activate the emergency brake jaws which grip the guide rails and slow the car to a stop. The brake allowed the elevators to safely travel to new heights and opens cities to taller and taller buildings. Since then there has been a sea change in the way a elevator is designed, manufactured and installed. Although the basic lifting systems have not changed much in over 50 years, the control systems have changed substantially to improve safety and speed of operation. Elevators are designed for a specific building, taking into account such factors as the height of the building, the number of people traveling to each floor, and the expected periods of high usage. Modern buildings commonly have multiple elevators with a unified control system. The object of the control system is to minimize the average time any passenger spends from the time the elevator call button is pushed to the arrival of the first available elevator.

Elevator Designing: Elevators or Lifts are not a off the showroom product. You cannot have a pre designed elevator ready to be installed in your building. Each and every elevator is designed keeping in mind the dimensional and aesthetic requirements of the building along with the traffic an elevator will handle. Designing an elevator/Lift involves specific approach from multiple engineering disciplines. Elevator manufacturers have to expend a lot of time and competency during the design process. As one of the Best Elevator Manufacturers in Kolkata, we at Levitar have a dedicated team for designing different types Lifts like, Passenger Lifts, Hospital Lifts, Home/Bungalow Lifts, Capsule Lifts, Panoramic Glass Lifts, Office Lifts, Hydraulic Lifts, Goods Lifts, Dumbwaiters which can be both automatic and manual in operation.

Elevator Manufacturing: Once the design is complete, manufacturing process commences at the elevator manufacturers plant. Elevators are manufactured as a sub-assembly. Standard metal cutting, welding, and forming techniques are used to manufacture the various parts that constitute an elevator. Although the lifting mechanism seems simple, there are quite a few intricate parts which have to be manufactured with precision to achieve optimum stability and safety for the people to travel vertically. The safety system which includes the safety brake is the most critical part which makes the elevator safe for people to travel in. The Best lift manufacturers always give extra importance in designing and manufacturing of the safety devices.

Elevator Installation: Once the Lift car and other parts are manufactured in the plant, they are transported to the installation site. The rest of the Lift is assembled on the building site. The building design integrates the Lift shaft from the beginning, and the shaft grows as the building is erected. The walls of the shaft are poured concrete, and the shaft straightness and other dimensions are carefully monitored as each floor goes up. Guide rails, switch ramps, service ladders, and similar support equipment are bolted into the shaft after the shaft walls and roof is complete. Then the counterweight is raised to the top of the building and lowered into the shaft along its rails. The elevator car is then inserted it partly into the shaft. The guide wheels connect the car to the guide rails, and the car is carefully aligned inside the shaft. The hoist motor, governor, controller, and other equipment are mounted in the Machine room, which is located directly over the elevator shaft. Nowadays Lift Manufacturers in Kolkata and elsewhere in the country like us have started manufacturing and installing Machine Room Less (MRL) lifts as well. After the elevator and governor cables are strung and attached, the electrical connections completed, and the controller programmed, the final commissioning is done after trial runs. All of the above process needs precision workmanship to ensure a well erect lift which gives the passengers a feel of safety and comfort while riding the lift.

Most citizens of a modern city use lifts every day. As the society advances, we demand not only basic lift safety, but also a reliable and comfortable ride. Lift manufacturing and installation requires specific knowledge in various engineering fields. We as a Lift Manufacturer and Installer ensure that our systems are specifically designed to make the installation process as straightforward and trouble-free as possible by using top of the shelf spares and components of reputed brands. Our highly skilled installation technicians and supervisors ensure that every lift installation is safe, reliable, smooth and comfortable. Our Services also include Pre Installed Lift Repairing of any make.