Lift or elevator by construct is service heavy.. right from manufacturing & installation to regular Maintenance, to the stage where it demands complete overhaul in terms of modernization, upgradation or renovation. It is a product which customers buy as a sub-assembly. The final assembly of the product doesn’t take place in the factory but at the buyers premises. Lift installation is the most critical part of assembly as the same decides the ride quality, comfort, safety and life of the lift. We at Levitar perform multi-point checks to ensure the Installation is as perfect as possible.

There is no point in installing a lift or elevator if proper servicing and maintenance is not ensured.  Apart from regular oiling and greasing, lift maintenance and servicing AMC with Levitar gives your elevator regular preventive maintenance checks which ensures not only  safety of passengers but also long life of the lift and minimum downtime in case of breakdowns.

In general lifts & elevators have a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years if proper maintenance is carried out throughout. After that thorough overhauling, repair and upgradation/modernization  of the lift is required depending on the condition of the equipment. At Levitar we have various Repair, modernisation and upgradation packages where you can give your lift a lease of Life. You can choose from aesthetic upgradation, systems upgradation, safety mechanism overhauling among others.

Lift / Elevator Manufacturing & Installation

Most citizens of a modern city use lifts every day. As the society advances, we demand not only basic lift safety, but also a reliable and comfortable ride.

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Lift / Elevator Maintenance

Lifts are complex machines, there are several parts that need to be regularly maintained to keep it up. Maintenance of lift is not a do-it-yourself service.

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Lift & Elevator Modernisation

Lifts are built to provide about 15 years of service, as long as periodic maintenance/inspections are maintained by expert technicians.

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