Most citizens of a modern city use lifts every day. As the society advances, we demand not only basic lift safety, but also a reliable and comfortable ride. Our lift systems are specifically designed to make the installation process as straightforward and trouble-free as possible by using top of the shelf spares and components of reputed brands. Our highly skilled installers and supervisors ensure that every lift installed is safe, reliable, smooth and comfortable.



Lifts are complex machines, there are several parts that need to be regularly maintained to keep it up. Maintenance of lift is not a do-it-yourself service; maintenance of a lift must be performed by an experienced lift repair technician authorized by the lift company. Levitar provides you three options of annual maintenance service contract:


  • a) One free preventive service each month.
  • b) Emergency breakdown assistance throughout the year.
  • c) This doesnt cover any material cost for repair or replacement.


  • a) One free preventive service each month.
  • b) Emergency breakdown assistance throughout the year.
  • c) Covers repair/replacement of all parts except machine, hoisting ropes, control unit, electrical wire and cables.


  • a) One free preventive service each month.
  • b) Emergency breakdown assistance throughout the year.
  • c)Covers repair/replacement of all parts.


Lifts are built to provide about 15 years of service, as long as periodic maintenance/inspections are maintained by expert technicians. As the lift ages the equipments become increasingly difficult to find for replacement, also the deterioration of ride performance. So, a complete overhaul of the lift may be suggested to the building owners. before ride quality.

Levitar modernization consists replacement of controller equipment, electrical wiring and buttons, position indicators and direction arrows, hoist machines and motors (including door operators), and sometimes door hanger tracks depending upon the condition of the equipment. Levitar Modernization can greatly improve operational reliability and ride quality of your lift by replacing motor-genertor-based drive designs with Variable-Voltage, Variable Frequency(V3F) drives, providing almost seamless acceleration and deceleration. Passenger safety is also improved by updating systems and equipment.

Levitar has come up with versatile packages to help you choose the equipments you want to modernize.


  • a) The button panels, cabin, doors are replaced to give your lift a complete facelift.
  • b) This doesn’t improve the performance or ride quality of your lift.


  • a) Controller unit, drive, machine, ropes and some other equipments are replaced/ installed to give you a glitch-free,silent never-before ride.


  • a) All the equipments are upgraded as per your requirement.
  • b) Levitar engineers may decide the feasibility of installation of certain equipments.


  • a) Total upgradation of lift equipments are done regardless of existing condition.
  • b) Levitar engineers may suggest to keep certain equipments if they seem to have enough life.