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Levitar Lifts & Escalators is arguably the best elevator service provider in Eastern India. Our area of operation include West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar and Rajasthan.Levitar is the fastest growing elevator manufacturer and Service Provider in Eastern India. We perform annual maintenance of not only lifts manufactured by Levitar, but also of other companies. Just ride a lift manufactured by Levitar and experience the “Smoothest Ride of your Life”.
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Most citizens of a modern city use lifts every day. As the society advances, we demand not only basic lift safety, but also a reliable and comfortable ride... Read More


Lifts are complex machines, there are several parts that need to be regularly maintained to keep it up. Maintenance of lift is not a do-it-yourself service... Read More


Lifts are built to provide about 15 years of service, as long as periodic maintenance/inspections are maintained by expert technicians... Read More



  • Automatic Rescue device

  • Microprocessor Control Panel

  • Microprocessor Control Panel

  • Single Phase Gearless M/c.

  • High Speed Traction M/C

  • High Speed Traction M/C

  • MRL Single Phase Gearless